Past Activities





ACM Student Chapter Chartering and Inaugural Seminar on GCC by Ms. Vandana Sharma

8 March

Major Event “Unravel the Hidden Bug” in Praudyogikii’10

14-15 March

Star Project Display “AARDA”

28 April

Expert Talk on Web Server by Mr. KK Saraswat

1 September

Techknow Quiz

30 September

Paste It Technically

1 October

Industrial Visit to TBRL, Panchkula

8 October

Workshop on “Animate with C++”

13-15 October

Star Project Display “AARDA 2010”

25 November


Expert Talk on SAP by Mr. Anirudh Gupta and Mr. Sanyam Kataria

5 February

Minor Event “Technopasting” in Praudyogikii’11

4 March

Major Event “Innosoft” in Praudyogikii’11

4-5 March

Minor Event “Project Display” in Praudyogikii’11

5 March

Industrial Visit to Science Panorama and Kalpana Chawla Planetarium, Kurukshetra

11 March

IOHC on Linux

23-25 March

Break-Time Event BIZZ-Quiz

4 April

Break-Time Event Unhide the Jargons

5 April

AARDA 2011

3 May

International Conference on Advances in Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ACAI 2011)

21 July

Workshop on Data Mining

22 July

Check Your Apti

12 September

Industrial Visit to NDRI, Karnal

29 September


Break Time Activity C++ Quiz

9 January

Break Time Activity Crossword

9 January

IOHC on Allegro

25, 27, 28 January

Major Event “Programming League” in Praudyogikii’12

3-4 February

Minor Event “PC Assembly” in Praudyogikii’12

4 February

Expert Talk on Cyber Security and Forensic Tools

29 February

AARDA 2012

23 March

Industrial Visit to Infosys campus, IT Park, Chandigarh

1 September

Half Day Activity Discussion De Groupe

19 September

Half Day Activity Picture Perception

19 September

IOHC on Android

15-17 October

Eminent/Star Project Display AARDA 2012

14 December

Break Time Activity Black and White

23 January

Break Time Activity IQ Test

23 January

Expert Talk on IPR

18 February

Major Event “Learn ‘n’ Code” in Praudyogikii’13

22-23 February

Minor Event “INNOVACI’ON” in Praudyogikii’13

23 February

IOHC on Python

4-11 March

Eminent/Star Project Display AARDA 2013

16 May


Group Discussion

27 January

Picture Perception

27 January

Expert Talk

24 January

C CHAMO Season-5

22 February

Industrial visit to DRDO

11 September

NLSC workshop

18-19 September

CCNA campionship

23 September

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