Activities in 2017

Acm-w hackathon 2017

According to the famous saying of Mrs. Kirthiga Reddy, Head, Facebook India “I strongly believe that the first step and the most important tool towards women empowerment is education. The right education will ensure that women are more competent and confident in taking up bigger challenges and raising the bar in any field”. To promote WOMEN IN ENGINEERING, ACM Student Chapter, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a 24-hour National Level Hackathon in collaboration with ACM-W and Oracle Academy on 2nd -3rd Oct, 2017 for Girl Students.
3rd of October marked the end of the Hackathon. This journey of the Hackathon started with the participation of 308 enthusiastic and tech-savvy teams from all over India with the theme of digital India. A team of 52 highly professional members from ACM India, Chitkara University, and Oracle Academy was formed to review the ideas and select the best 20 teams out of it. The selected 20 teams were then promoted to the next round which was held on 9th September 2017. After in-depth discussions with all the 20 teams, 10 teams were filtered were hence promoted to the final round. The top 10 teams and one wild card entry accompanied by their respective mentors were invited to Chitkara University on 2nd October 2017 and were given 24 hours to successfully run their application and showcase their idea to the judging panel. Dr. Madhu Chitkra, honorable Vice-Chancellor of Chitkara University also addressed the students and gave prizes to the top three winners. Top three teams got 24000/, 15000/ and 12000/ respectively as a prize money and were given Chitkara University goodies.


ACM Student Chapter, Chitkara University, in collaboration with ACM India and CSPathshala, organized a one-day workshop on the topic “Bringing Computational Thinking to School” , on 15 July, 2017 at Chitkara International School, Sector-25,Chandigarh. The main goal of this workshop was to impart pedagogical as well as content training to teachers. Interacting with 165 delegates in the workshop was Ms. Sonia Garcha, CSpathshala Volunteer, Program Associate – CSR, Development Support Team along-with guest speaker Mr. Madhavan Mukund, President of ACM India and Professor and Dean of Studies, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai. This workshop imparted training to the teachers on problem solving and computational thinking, which enabled them to learn more about topics such as, decomposition, patterns, abstraction, algorithms, analysis and programming with day to day examples. Also, teachers were made familiar with the CSPathshala training aids, and were also engaged in interesting activities on the above mentioned topics.

CS Curricula Workshop

ACM Student chapter organized a CS Curricula workshop on 15th July, 2017, One of the activities of ACM-IEEE CS2013 Computing Curricula model developed by the ACM and IEEE group in 2013. This one-day workshop presented the CS2013 and its India specific issues for a sample course, which helped in making the curriculum more relevant to the Indian context. The session witnessed a turnaround of about 45 participants, comprising of faculty members of Chitkara University Punjab, Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh and CURIN department.
The speaker on the occasion were Dr. Madhavan Mukund, Dean of Studies and a professor of Computer Science at Chennai Mathematical Institute, also the President and Member of Indian Association for Research in Computing Science (IARCS) and the President of Association for Computing Machinery India Council and Dr. Abhijit Vichare, fellow at Persistent Systems Ltd and member of ACM india council. A highly interactive session ends up with an active level of the faculty
members with real life examples.

Infosys -it park chandigarh

Chitkara ACM Student Chapter organized an industrial visit to Infosys Chandigarh. 14 members of ACM Chitkara visited the site. The event started with the presentation given by Mr. Kanwarpreet Singh, who discussed Software Testing skills. Afterwards, a very interactive Q&A session was held regarding the new trends in industries and new fields in technology. At last, the Lunch was followed by the guided tour of the company.

AARDA 2017

ACM Student Chapter Chitkara University organized an event AARDA in which second year students of BE CSE displayed their Integrated Projects in different categories. The event started with the arrival of highly reputed Externals from various domains ranging from academicians to corporate world. Venueswere embellished with PosterPresentations. The students showcased theirProjects. The evaluations of students were highly appreciated by the examiners. The event reached its zenith with the involvement of students from Sections of CSE 2nd Year (E to H). The students received accolades with Eminent award, Star award and Consolation prize.

May 12, 2017

Expert talk – Dr. Amit Nanavati

ACM Student Chapter, Chitkara University organized a DSP (Distinguished Speaker Program) on the topic “What does engineering mean to a student ?” on 15th March, 2017 . The session witnessed a turnaround of about 200 participants, comprising of students from CSE and M.Tech department and faculty members from the Research & CSE department.


ACM Student Chapter ,Chitkara University in collaboration with CCET organized the event “CODATHON” on 23rd March,2017 . Approximately 33teams (each team consisting minimal of 1 member to utmost of 4 members) participated in the event. It was a Coding competition where participants
were challenged to adduce their coding skills.The contest was on platform
named “HACKEREARTH”. The participants were given freedom to choose any
Coding language. There were total of 18 brittle questions which were to be
Justified in the given time period of 2 hours. The contest was crunchy and students proved their coding skills with great zeal.


ACM Student Chapter, Chitkara University organized a half day fun cum technical event titled “ENiGMA” on 2nd February,2017, IN which 22 teams partcipated.The event ,consisting of three rounds,tested students on visual,creative and technical levels,and helped in bringing out the best in them.The first round is,”Wordcloud”,involved participants searching for technical terms from a collection of 4 different images in a time span of 5minutes.Only, 17 out of 22 teams managed to cross the first hurdle.The second round is,”PhotoRumble” in which collage of four pictures were shown and they have to write their own story.Thistime,just 10 teams managed to progress to the final round.The round threeis”,Luck By chance”,involved the remaining participating teams to pick out a slip,which contained the topic on which they will be getting coding questions on.Out of total 6 questions,the teams had to solve the maximum questions in 45 minutes.The competition was tough and teams proved their “coding skills”with great zeal.First position was bagged by Kartik Gandhi and KashishSingal of CSE 2nd year and 2nd position was bagged by the team of HarshpreetKaur and IshaSaxena of CSE 2nd year.

alumni Talk – Mr. prateek garg

ACM Student Chapter (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) has invited Mr. Chandra Shekhar (COO of ACM india) for a visit to our campus (Chitkara University Punjab) on 1st April, 2017. During the campus visit, he attended a meeting with Dr. Archana Matri, Dr. Rajnesh Sharma and Ms. Meenu Khurana. During the meeting, he discussed various ACM India events and also suggested few of them to be conducted by Chitkara University. CS-Pathshala, Summer School workshop, ACM-W and ESP were the Pioneer event to be hosted by Chitkara University..


ACM Student Chapter Chitkara University organized an event Technovation in which Third year students of BE CSE displayed their Integrated Projects in different categories. The event started with the arrival of highly reputed Externals from various domains ranging from academicians to corporate world. Venues were embellished with Poster Presentations. The students showcased their Projects. The evaluations of students were highly appreciated by the examiners.

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