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Hour of Code

In this changing world, computer literacy is becoming a more and more important part of society

Chitkara ACM Student Chapter organized “Hour of Code”, which a global movement reaching millions of students in 180+ countries. Around 80 students became part of this movement.It is global movement designed to introduce people of all ages to computer programming in a fun way and to generate excitement in young people about programming and technology.It is an hour-long introduction to computer science, aimed at demystifying code and showing that anybody can learn the basics. Games, tutorials and many other events were organised to inspire the generation of computer scientists.

Students who participated in the event were rewarded with certificates and chapter was rewarded with Pizza party.Overall it was a great experience for all the participants to enhance their skills in an exciting environment.

Code Manic

ACM Student Chapter,organized the event “CODE MANIAC” on 26th, October, 2016 in Faraday hall. Approximately 45 teams (2 members each) participated in the event. There were two rounds. The first round was testing memory and the participants had to write maximum no. of Captchas displayed on to the screen in the given time period. Out of 45, only 11 teams were selected for the second round – code-o-shuffle, in which 10 codes were given to the participants with lot of bugs in them.  Participants had to execute the maximum no. of codes in 1 hour time. The competition was tough and students proved their coding skills with great zeal. First position was held by the team of Chetan Kaushik (1510991156) & Rohit Gupta (1510991541) of CSE 2nd year and Parth Wadhwa (1410991401) & Nishant Mudgal(1410991379) of CSE 3rd year, took the 2nd price. These unique and engaging games were perfect for the students to play while learning beginner coder skills like programming, loops, and the art of debugging.Students enjoyed playing with codes they were already familiar with and learning skills in a fun and exciting environment.Overall the event was successful due to efforts of acm family.

acm summit

Chitkara ACM  Student Chapter (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) participated in ACM Summit held on 23 Oct, 2016 at DAIICT Gandhinagar (Gujrat). The open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression are central to the aims and goals of ACM. ACM provides a comprehensive planning guide with instructions and best practices to help create the best possible event.Two of our chapter representatives Pankaj Ranga and Saurabh Chauhan represented the Chitkara university in ACM summit.

They presented successful events organized by ACM Student Chapter to ACM Officials. More than 40 Student Chapter and Professional Chapter all over the India participated in Summit. This was an experience sharing event. Each chapter is given time to present the activities they had organized during the past annual year and future plans. The summit aimed at uniting innovators like you to push computing technology forward and to continue the legacy that unites us as like-minded thinkers and makers.

Industrial visit

ACM Student Chapter from Chitkara School of Computer Science organized an industrial visit to Infosys Chandigarh on 19/10/2016. 14 members of ACM Chitkara visited the site.The main reason behind the visit was to let students know things practically through interaction, working methods. Moreover, it gives exposure from academic point of view.  The event started with the presentation given by Mr.Kanwarpreet Singh, who discussed Software Testing skills including SDLC life cycles, Automated Testing, Agile methodology& various tools used for this. The session continued with the demo of few live projects of Infosys & testing performed on them.

Afterwards, a very interactive Q&A session was held regarding the new trends in industries and new fields in technology. Sharing personal experiences on interviews, Mr. Kanwarpreet Singh not only succeeded in gaining interests of students, but also provided valuable insight about the working environment ofindustry, so as to help them in choosing right career after graduation. At last, the Lunch was followed by the guided tour of the company.

Web players

ACM student chapter, Computer Science department organized half day activity titled ‘WEB PLAYERS’ on 14th October 2016 in which students participated with full enthusiasm and showcased their web designing skills. Web designing and web development encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and planning of websites.

The event had 3 rounds. Puzzlers’ world was the first stage. Quiz-up was the second stage. And Webmaster was the final round. 25 teams participated in the event. The submissions were evaluated on the available demo and the images submitted.The best web design projects were considered for their overall experience through focus on aspects such as content, structure and coding and functionality. First and second teams were rewarded for their technical knowledge. Each member in the top team got a certificate,   goodies and a trophy as a reward and the second team members got a certificate and goodies.

Creating Art with Illustrator

ACM Student Chapter organised a full day workshop on Illustrator and Photoshop on 8th October, 2016 in NB 301. The session was delivered by Mr. Pankaj Ranga , Vice President of ACM Student Chapter. Maximum Participation was of ACM students. He shared the knowledge of photography, Photoshop, poster making etc. Photoshop  was explained with the very basic tools on how to get started. Effective use of tools  were discussed.A hands- on- demo was depicted concurrently along with the explanations on how to edit a picture that was selected.After the demonstration of each tool and effects, the students had the same implemented on the systems. 

Students enjoyed the session and enhance their skills with great enthusiasm. Approximately 30 students participated in the workshop. Overall it was a great experience for all the participants.

Hostel Activity

ACM Student Chapter (Department of Computer Science and Engineering) organized a Hostel activity “Dodge Ball” on September 29,2016 in which students participated with full enthusiasm and showcased their sports and technical skills. The event had 3 round. First round was “Let the Fate decide” in which teams were short listed based on technical quiz to qualify for the second round. Second round was “Dodge if you can” a war between teams using dodge ball and third round was “Hit the Wicket”. Total of 30 teams (Approximate 115 student) participated in the event. Top two teams were the winners. Certificate and Goodies were provided to the winners.

First position-

  1. Paras(1510991435)
  2. Arpit( CUN130101063)
  3. Shubham(1410991572)
  4. Tarun (1510991682)

Second position-

  1. Chirag(CUN130101089)
  2. Harshit(1510991240)
  3. Kritesh ( 1510991357)

Hackathon for women

Goa University hosted the First National Level 24 Hour Hackathon for Women organized by ACM-W India and Oracle Academy on the 23rd -24th September, 2016. The aim of the event was to provide an impetus to women students to display their innovation and coding skills. 

71 teams from all over India registered for the event. For the first round, participants had to create innovative projects on the theme “Tech for Public Good”. It was an open platform application development and it was on the participating team’s discretion whether to develop a web application or mobile application.  The second round was a Skype interview round held at centers Nagpur, Pune and Goa  in India. The students were interviewed by an eminent panel of 5 Judges at each center. The Final round started on 23rd September 2016 at 3.00 pm and continued for the next 24 hours. For the Finale, the theme provided was Educational Technologies. The winning teams were selected by an eminent panel of judges. The prizes for the event were sponsored by Oracle Academy. 

First Prize – Team from CRIT, Vashi. The team members were awarded a trophy and cash prize of Rs.24000/-. 

Second Prize – Team from Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College. The team members were awarded a trophy and cash prize Rs.15000/-.

Third Prize – Team from Goa College of Engineering. The team members were awarded cash prize Rs.12000/-. 

Event on Swach Bharat

Pledge for cleanliness to show your keenness to clean India!

ACM Student Chapter organised a Pledge taking ceremony on 14th September 2016 on the occasion of Swachh Pakhwada mission started by UGC. Government of India has declared 01 – 15 September 2016 as “Swachh Pakhwada” as a part of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” which is a  nation-wide campaign in India which aims to clean up the streets, roads. So on 14th September 2016, ACM chapter propagate the message of cleanliness to students.Cleanliness gives rise to a good character by keeping body, mind, and soul clean and peaceful. Maintaining cleanliness is the essential part of healthy living because it is the cleanliness only which helps to improve our personality by keeping clean externally and internally. Cleanliness is a stepping stone to success.This is the ultimate way to achieve success in many fields as well as ass enhance the economic growth of the country. Students were encouraged to take the pledge for cleanliness. Around 140 students participated in the event.

Workshop on Hybrid App Development Using IONIC

ACM Student Chapter organised a full day workshop on Android app Development using ionic on 14th September, 2016 in Faraday Hall. Hybrid apps are a blend, hence the name hybrid, of both native and web solutions. Hybrid apps are popular because they allow developers to write code for a mobile app once and still accommodate multiple platforms.Hybrid apps are developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then wrapped in a native applications. All students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm . An interactive decorum was maintained in the hall. It was quite surprising to see such complicated topics like ionic, Angular JS to be simplified to an extent that everybody could learn them easily. Chief speaker of the workshop was Mr. Tejinder Singh, technical head of 9i Technologies. Apart from teaching these topics he also encouraged students to opt for online courses. 46 students participated in the workshop.


ACM Student Chapter, in collaboration with ACM India and CSPathshala, organized a one-day workshop on the topic Bringing Computational Thinking to School, on 15 July, 2016 at Chitkara International School, Sector-25,Chandigarh.

The main goal of this workshop was to impart pedagogical as well as content training to teachers.Interacting with 165 delegates in the workshop was Ms. Sonia Garcha, CSpathshala Volunteer, Program Associate – CSR, Development Support Team along-with guest speaker Mr. Madhavan Mukund, President of ACM India and Professor and Dean of Studies, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai. This workshop imparted training to the teachers on problem solving and computational thinking, which enabled them to learn more about topics such as, decomposition, patterns, abstraction, algorithms, analysis and programming with day to day examples.Finally, at the end of the workshop, teachers received CS Curriculum and Participation certificates.

The workshop served as a huge step towards fulfilling the ultimate goal of CSPathshala, i.e. to impart computing as a science to every child in every school in India, as teachers are the one of the most important building blocks towards the process of building a young ,Digital India.