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IOHC On Python

ACM Student Chapter, Chitkara University organized a 6 Day IOHC on “Python” by Ravi Malik, Ravinder Singh, Mandeep Singh and Nipun Sharma, 3rd year students of CSE. It was organized in 2 slots, 4-6 March and 7, 11-12 March, 2012. The main focus of the workshop was to remove the phobia of coding from students and develop analytical and logical reasoning skills in them in order to develop algorithms.

The students were made familiar with the concept of Open Source and its benefits.The syntax of the language, data types, loops and conditional statements, data structures and file and exception handling were the main topics taught.The students were motivated to develop their own algorithms and find the reason behind every line of code written.Process automation in Operating System(Linux) like Automatic Backups were also taught using Python and Linux Terminal Commands. The workshop was attended by 74 students.Each and every student definitely gained knowledge about python and ACM Student Chapter Chitkara University one more time proved their coordination.