Our Achievements

When vision is been converted into reality, and when Hope speaks for the milestone achieved, That’s when we say we have accomplished leadership.

We feel extremely fortunate and proud to share that Chitkara ACM Student Chapter has been recognized with numerous awards that is the nurturing fuel for our growth. With a great vision, Chitkara ACM Student Chapter, Chitkara University has received Outstanding Chapter Activities in ACM Excellence Awards in 2015. The strength of our achievement is rooted in the depth of our passion that has brought us another accomplishment that is Honorable Mention Chapter Award by ACM India in ACM India Annual Event on 17th Feb 2018. This award has been the result of active participation in the ACM India activities, great community service and a highly skilled team working together .In past few years, Chitkara ACM Student Chapter organized many national and university level events to provide the benefits to students and society. Few of the highlighted events are ACM- W Hackathon (for girls only), CS Pathsala workshop (for school teachers), CS Curricula workshop (for university staff), Activities related to Swachta abhiyan and national unity, activities for ACM members for the betterment of society.

After having all the flying colors the determination and the greed to achieve more never stopped for Chitkara ACM Student Chapter, Even after facing the whole-world-wrecking pandemic, Year 2020 was a bit difficult for everyone. Amidst of all the hurdles faced, with an enormous amount of dedication and time Chitkara ACM Student Chapter, Chitkara University has received the “Global Level ACM Excellence Award 2021 for Outstanding Community Service”. For the hardwork and efforts displayed by our Chitkara ACM Student Chapter, a prize of $500 and a “Best of” icon was also awarded to proudly display on our web page. ACM headquarters staff and our volunteer judges were impressed by our work. Our submission was chosen based upon it’s creativity, insightfulness, content and information.

We’d like to extend our heartfulness to all our members and the mentors that made it possible to wave our flag up and high again.

Also, Chitkara ACM Student Chapter would like to thank all its students as well as faculty members for their never ending support.
Dr.Saravjeet Singh (Faculty Advisor, Chitkara ACM Student Chapter)
Saksham Aggarwal (President,Chitkara ACM Student Chapter)
Rayman Kaur(Vice President , Chitkara ACM Student Chapter)